Five Pieces for Laptop Quartet (2008) [~30-45']

Premiere: Queen's University Belfast, 9/9/2008. Christopher Chong, Carey Dodge, Javier Jaimovich, and Adam Scott Neal, iMacs.
Additional performances:
     Electric Monster, Montana State University, 12/4/09
     Electric Monster, Beijing, China, 5/20/10

These five interactive works were composed as part of my MA thesis at Queen's University Belfast. The related paper explores the idea of indeterminacy in laptop music. You can read the shorter revised version of my paper in eContact! 11.4 or the original version here (.pdf). A .pdf of the performance notes is here. I am planning to upload all of the Max/MSP patches, but I am currently fixing them. If you are interested in performing any of these pieces, please contact me and I will gladly send you what you need!

One of my ideas in this project is to determine if the pieces retain an identity from performance to performance. I am hoping to add more and more recordings to this page for comparison's sake.

Baffin Bay
Electric Monster
Album version from Parallel Lives.

(Not) For Tape
Compare to its companion piece For Tape

Morty's Mood

Electric Monster
Demo by ASN

Freq Out

Short video of the premiere at SARC: